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RomCom Love

You had us at RomCom!  Join us for ~30 minute deep-dives on your favorite Roms, Coms, and not so Coms!

Nov 27, 2020

Bonnie and Brittany head to the City of Stars to discuss RomCom Love's first musical!  Old Hollywood, jazz, and that gorgeous yellow dress.

Nov 22, 2020

Join Brittany and Bonnie in the English countryside for (almost) 4 weddings and 1 funeral.  Richard Curtis, Hugh Grant, awkward conversations, unrequited love, and a kiss in the rain.  This dated Rom may have it all.

Nov 13, 2020

Join us for a trip to Pemberley!  Brittany and Bonnie take on the Based On period RomDrom.  Unrequited love abounds!

Nov 6, 2020

Bonnie and Brittany break down one of Bonnie's favorites - a little Rom, a little Com, and a little Drom.  Set in the '80s we get to experience terrible summer jobs, coming of age, and that one song on repeat.  Amadeus, Amadeus.